Twirler Auditions

Late February - Feature Twirler Application/Materials Deadline

March - Deadline for audition finalists to be notified

April - Feature Twirler Live Auditions for Finalists

The application, resume, and video:
The videotape must be in DVD format and contain a clear image and high quality audio of the candidate's live performance. The letters of reference should address issues of personal integrity, work ethic, ability to work with others, and performance level. The Directors of the Longhorn Band will evaluate these materials.

Invitation for live audition:
Following the completion of the above process all finalists will be contacted (no later than the first Monday in March) to attend a live audition and interview to be held in April. This should allow the finalists ample time to arrange travel plans as well as prepare a suitable audition program.

Finalists will be sent a recording of three compositions recorded by the Longhorn Band in recent years. Each finalist is charged with choreographing routines to each work. We request that the routines for the first and third works ONLY use batons and all extra equipment be used in the second routine.

The Directors of the Longhorn Band and one outside expert will adjudicate the finalists. The performances will be judged on creativity, technique, poise, confidence, and execution.

Following all performances, each finalist will have a 15-minute interview with the Directors. Questions in the interview will revolve around the candidates' philosophy, personal traits and integrity, work ethic, and attitude. The Directors reserve the right to decline naming a feature twirler when none meet acceptable standards based upon the live audition and interview.

The new Feature Twirler for the Longhorn Band will be announced the week following all finalists' audition/interview.