Butler School of Music
Graduate admission to The University of Texas at Austin is a shared process between the Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC) and the Butler School of Music (BSoM). You will complete two separate applications:
  • The Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC) processes applications from prospective graduate students. Applicants submit the official online application, transcripts, test scores, statement of purpose, electronic letters of recommendation, and processing fees to GIAC.
  • Butler School of Music (BSoM) faculty review your materials submitted and your BSOM application. Applicants submit prescreening and audition performances, writing sample, CV, resume, interviews, and other program relevant academic records to the Butler School of Music.

It is important that you submit all your application materials before the December 1 deadline. Please use the graduate admissions checklist to ensure that your materials are submitted to the correct place. International applicants must take into account the extended mailing time when sending materials to the United States.

To be considered for graduate admission to The University of Texas at Austin, you must meet minimum requirements set by the Graduate School. Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed on an individual basis by faculty in your proposed program.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Seriff, Butler School of Music Graduate Admissions Coordinator, by email at mga@mail.music.utexas.edu or by phone at (512) 471-5496. You may also contact the UT Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC); their general line is (512) 475-7391. Once the online application is submitted and paid for, it is possible to check the status of other application materials (such as arrival of transcripts, TOEFL and GRE scores) on the Status Check page.

Literature/Pedagogy Degrees:
Applicants applying for a Literature/Pedagogy degree MUST choose "Literature and Pedagogy" specialization in the online application form. Only those students wishing to apply for the Literature and Pedagogy specialization should choose this option.

Conducting Degrees:
Please note that only the DMA in Conducting (all areas) is classified under the Conducting major code in the ApplyTexas application. Applicants interested in pursuing the MM in Conducting (all areas) should apply as a non-degree student in Conducting, and inform the Graduate Admissions Coordinator by email at mga@mail.music.utexas.edu.

Non-Degree Artist Diploma Program:
Applicants to the Artist Diploma program should apply to GIAC as a non-degree student. Applicants interested in the Artist Diploma in Voice should follow the prescreening and audition repertoire guidelines for the MM in Opera Performance. Applicants to Artist Diploma programs in the strings division should follow the DMA prescreening and audition requirements for their instrument. Artist Diploma applicants in all other performance areas should follow the MM requirements for their instrument. Please be aware that this is a very selective program that admits less than 10 students a year, and that you will not be able to apply for federal financial aid while in this program.

Current MM students wishing to apply to DMA/PhD graduate programs:
Fill out a paper application for continuing music graduate studies and return it to Daniel Seriff, the Music Graduate Admissions Coordinator (MRH M3.110). Copies of this form are also available on the bulletin board outside of the graduate admissions office. If you are applying to a performance degree, you must also perform a live audition, which you can request through the BSoM supplemental application.

Current MM students applying to DMA programs in Clarinet, Collaborative Piano, Conducting, Flute, Guitar, Percussion (non-jazz), Piano, Trombone, Viola, Violin, Voice/Opera, or Music & Human Learning (Piano Pedagogy Specialization) are exempt from prescreening requirements but must perform a live audition.