Butler School of Music
All admitted graduate students are automatically considered for BSOM-administered merit-based scholarship awards. There are no separate or additional applications to fill out. Scholarship decisions are made by a faculty committee that meets in early March, and recipients are notified shortly thereafter.

General Requirements

Scholarships are awarded by the Student Awards Committee, based on students' credentials and on the recommendation of each faculty division. Applicants will be considered only when the following information is on file:
  • Complete admission application
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Audition results (performance applicants) or evaluation of application file (non-performance applicants)

If you have any questions, please contact the Anne Hall at amhall@mail.utexas.edu or (512) 232-2054.

Minimum Scholastic Requirements

A. To retain a scholarship and to remain eligible for scholarship renewal, undergraduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.25; graduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50. Grade criteria for students who are currently on scholarship will be reviewed at the end of each semester.

B. To be eligible to receive Butler School of Music scholarship assistance, undergraduate scholarship winners must enroll in a minimum of 12 semester hours of course work per semester; graduate students must enroll in a minimum of 9 semester hours of course work per semester.

C. Graduate scholarship award winners in a performance area must register and participate in designated ensembles or participate in accompanying. Discuss ensemble options with your primary instrument teacher. A list of approved ensembles is available in the Student Office, MRH 3.836.

Scholarship Renewals

A. Renewals of continuing scholarships are based on (1) students' making satisfactory progress toward completion of the degree declared when the scholarship was awarded and (2) maintaining minimum grade criteria.

B. Students are eligible for scholarship assistance during the time periods listed below:
  • Bachelor's Degree - Four Years (with a fifth year upon approval of the Student Awards Committee)
  • Master's Degree - Two Years
  • Doctoral Degree - Three Years (Exception: Graduate Piano students who pursue both Masters and Doctoral Degrees at UT will be eligible for financial assistance from the School of Music for a maximum of four years of graduate study.


A. How Scholarships Work With Financial Aid
Butler School of Music scholarships are considered financial aid, just as grants, work-study, and loans; however, they are "departmental" awards based on your Music application and admission, and are awarded independently of any "need-based" awards you may receive from the Office of Student Financial Services. Federal and state financial aid programs require that students not receive financial aid in excess of one's cost of education, which includes living expenses. Need based aid, such as grants and subsidized loans, also must remain within a student's financial need as determined by the FAFSA. Scholarships are factored into financial need assessments. Students who receive private donor or Butler School of Music scholarships should inform the Office of Student Financial Services of these awards when they receive their award letters. A student's need-based financial aid may be revised because of the departmental scholarship awards he or she is receiving from the Butler School of Music. This includes tuition exemptions and waivers.

B. Tuition Payment Options
Information about payment options, short-term tuition loans, and the tuition installment plan can be found at: http://www.utexas.edu/business/accounting/sar/pay.html

C. Tax Liability
Students should consult a reliable source concerning tax liability related to scholarships and other stipends. If you are an international student and your country has a tax treaty with the United States, you may be exempt from U.S. taxes on your scholarship payments; please contact the International Office when you arrive on campus to fill out the necessary paperwork.

D. Current Contact Information
Updating your address, phone number or email address on the UT website DOES NOT update your Butler School of Music records. Please notify the Graduate or Undergraduate office in the Butler School of Music when any of your contact information changes so you will not miss important communications.

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