Butler School of Music
Graduate Degrees
MM Brass/Woodwind/Percussion Performance
MM Chamber Music
MM Collaborative Piano
MM Composition
MM Composition (Jazz Emphasis)
MM Conducting - Band and Wind
MM Conducting - Choral
MM Conducting - Orchestral
MM Ethnomusicology
MM Literature & Pedagogy
MM Music & Human Learning
MM Music & Human Learning 36 hours
MM Musicology
MM Opera Coaching
MM Opera Directing
MM Opera Performance
MM Organ Performance
MM Organ Performance (Sacred Music Emphasis)
MM Performance Jazz Emphasis
MM Piano Literature & Pedagogy
MM Piano Performance
MM String Performance
MM Theory
MM Vocal Performance
Artist Diploma Instrumental
Artist Diploma Vocal
DMA Brass/Woodwind/Percussion Performance
DMA Collaborative Piano
DMA Composition
DMA Composition (Jazz Emphasis)
DMA Conducting - Band and Wind
DMA Conducting - Choral
DMA Conducting - Orchestral
DMA Music & Human Learning (Jazz Emphasis)
DMA Music & Human Learning (Piano Pedagogy)
DMA Opera Coaching
DMA Opera Directing
DMA Opera Performance
DMA Organ Performance
DMA Performance Jazz Emphasis
DMA Piano Performance
DMA Piano Performance (Jazz Emphasis)
DMA String Performance
DMA Vocal Performance
DMA Vocal Performance (Pedagogy Specialization)
PhD Ethnomusicology
PhD Music & Human Learning
PhD Musicology
PhD Theory