Butler School of Music
Internal Transfer Admission

Fall 2015:

December 1, 2014

Prescreening Areas & Composition

January 1, 2015
All Other Areas

No Exceptions

An application and audition are required for current UT Austin students wishing to transfer to Music or add Music as a simultaneous major.

Students admitted as freshmen must remain in their original major for one academic year; transfer students must remain in their original major until the next available fall semester. Please visit the General Information Catalog for additional information.

Students who plan to transfer to Music must be in compliance with the University's conditions for transfer between divisions.

Students who plan to add Music as a simultaneous major must earn at least 30 semester hours of coursework in residence before the applied semester of entry. Please visit the Undergraduate Catalog for additional information

If you are only interested in taking classes, not becoming a Music major, please refer to the Non-music majors and Music Minor webpages.

Can I be advised before becoming a music major?
Since music courses are restricted to current music majors only, the best course of action for a student hoping to become a music major would be to consult the Course Schedule and Interactive Degree Audit online. Examining the degree guidelines should allow you to find what core requirements you can complete that would be needed for a music degree. Having a substantial amount of these courses completed will be very advantageous, as all of the Music degrees require a substantial amount time beyond the listed contact hours of courses. If you are unsure about how to use IDA please consult your own advisor.

Until a student has been officially accepted AND changed their major, they must continue to consult their current department for advising.

What coursework can I take before being accepted into the Butler School of Music?

The information below is based on the 2014-2016 catalog. It is provided for information purposes only and is not necessarily a recommendation or endorsement for registration. If you are in an earlier catalog, please visit the COFA website to download the appropriate degree guidelines.

You are highly encouraged to speak with an advisor in your major college or department before registering for any coursework not already required in your present degree.

1. Consult your desired degree plan. All degrees contain core requirements.

2. Ensembles: Ensembles are open to any UT student who can pass the ensemble audition. All music degrees require between four and eight semesters of ensembles.

3. MUS 306M: An introduction to music theory for non-music majors. If you have music theory experience contact Prof. Almen and request to be put on the wait list for non-music majors to take MUS 605a: Musicianship (fall only).

4. Music Studies (Education): Longhorn Band, PSY 301, PSY 304, ALD 322

5. Bachelor of Arts in Music degrees: Six semester hours of one foreign language beyond 507, 508K, 601D, 604 or the equivalent. Please see the degree plan for more detailed information.

6. BA in Music Composition: MUS 214C, an introduction to contemporary composition. Requires consent of the instructor or concurrent enrollment in MUS 411 & MUS 612.

Can I take lessons to help me prepare for the Butler School of Music admission audition?

Private instruction is available to non-music majors on most instruments. Please visit the non-music majors webpage for more information. Please note that non-music major ("201") lessons are at a different level than lessons for music majors. "201" lessons will not necessarily transfer to the "210" or "312" levels.

If I am admitted to the BSoM for the fall, what music courses could I take over the summer to prepare?

Visit the Course Schedule to view classes offered over the summer. The easiest way to view available music courses is to search for MUS in the field. Please be aware that most courses will be restricted or geared towards non-music majors. Music theory, music history, performance lessons, and class piano are typically not offered in the summer months.


1. Apply to the Butler School of Music.
The online form will allow you to request an audition and upload letters of recommendation, prescreening materials, portfolios, essays, and resumes. Materials must be uploaded to your application before the form can be submitted for review. Do not complete more than one application without prior approval from the Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator. New students are admitted to majors in the Butler School of Music for the fall semester only.

Three (3) Letters of Recommendation: All Applicants
If possible, these letters should come from references who know your work as a musician. Prepare to upload your letters to the BSOM application -OR- enter your references' email addresses directly into the application. Once the application is submitted, references will receive an email invitation that will allow them to upload recommendations directly. Letters are due by the BSOM application deadline. Please do not mail, fax, or email letters of recommendation to the Butler School.

Prescreening: Clarinet | Classical Guitar | Flute | Jazz Guitar | Piano | Viola | Violin | Voice

Portfolio: Composition | Jazz Composition
Applicants applying in one of the prescreening instruments listed above must adhere to those requirements as well.

Expanded Resume: Optional
Although a resume is not required to complete your application for admission, we strongly encourage you to submit one. Think of it as your opportunity to provide us with a complete picture of your activities, important performances, and honors and awards.

2. Perform an audition.
All undergraduate applicants must perform and pass an audition to pursue a degree in music. Applicants in prescreening areas will receive results in mid-December, and those with positive results will be invited to audition on campus. Clarinet, flute, string, and voice applicants must audition in person unless currently residing outside of the United States. Auditions for spring entry are made by appointment after the ApplyTexas and BSOM applications have been completed.

3. Applicants who pass the audition only: Submit a four-year graduation plan.
(Fall Entry: Due May 1 | Spring Entry: Due December 1)
Offers of admission are extended to internal transfer/simultaneous major applicants after positive results from an audition and academic review. Fall entry auditions take place in January/February and academic reviews are performed in May/June, after current semester grades have been posted and cumulative GPAs have been calculated. Applicants who pass the audition portion of the application process must submit a four-year graduation plan for their degree of interest. The plan will be considered at the academic review. Use the Interactive Degree Audit system and a BSOM degree plan to complete the graduation plan. The IDA can help you track your current progress towards the degree and show you which classes you are missing. A form will be available to qualified applicants in November (spring entry) or February (fall entry).


1. Include your UT EID and full name
on any document you submit to the Butler School of Music.

2. Print an admissions checklist for your fridge or bulletin board.

BSOM Fall Application Checklist

3. Add "uga@mail.music.utexas.edu" to your safe senders list.
All communications from BSOM Admissions, such as audition confirmations and prescreening results, will come from this address.

You will receive notification of your audition results after the final BSOM audition date. If you pass your audition, the final approval for your major change will not be given until your grades for the current semester have been reported and we find that you are not in violation of The University's Guidelines for Transfer between Schools, which can be found in the appropriate General Information Catalog available through the Office of the Registrar. You can only change your major code during an advising or registration time. If you have questions about this process, please contact Ms. Borshard.