Butler School of Music
Music Minor
The Butler School of Music, like most other units of The University of Texas at Austin, does not offer any self-contained minors. If your major degree plan includes a minor, then you may use music as a minor. You must meet with an advisor in your major college to plan your minor.

How can I tell if my degree includes a minor?
Take a look at your degree plan – in most cases a Bachelor of Arts degree will include a minor, while the Bachelor of Science and similar degrees will not. If you are still not sure, consult with an advisor in your major college and department.

Do I need to complete the BSoM application and admission audition in order to minor in music?
No. The Butler School of Music application and audition are only for students intending to MAJOR in music. The BSoM application and admission audition are NOT necessary for a music minor.

What is a minor?
Most minors at UT require 12 to 15 credit hours, with 3 or 6 lower-division hours allowed. Due to the structure of the music programs, it is not possible to minor in ensemble participation. It is possible, but HIGHLY unlikely, to be able to minor in a specific instrument. Some degree plans allow performance lessons and ensembles to count for part of all of the lower-division requirements of a music minor, some do not. Check with your own advisor to determine whether your college and department will allow ensemble credit and performance lessons to count toward your minor.

Ensembles/Lessons/Restricted Classes
Ensembles are open to all University students by audition at the beginning of the school year. Please visit the individual Ensemble's webpage for information on audition requirements and dates.

Lessons and academic music courses (theory, history, etc.) require the permission of the instructor. Please visit the Non-Music Majors webpage for more information.

Lower-division courses most frequently used toward a music minor include:
MUS 302L Introduction to Western Music
MUS 303M Introduction to Traditional Musics in World Cultures
MUS 306M Elements of Music
MUS 307 1 - Music of African Americans
MUS 307 2 - History of Rock Music
MUS 307 3 - Jazz Appreciation

Upper-division courses most frequently used toward a music minor include:
MUS 329E Introduction to Electronic Media
MUS 329F Projects in Electronic Media
MUS 329G Intermediate Electronic Composition
MUS 329J Introduction to Computer Music
MUS 329M Intermediate Computer Music
MUS 334 Music of Mexico and the Caribbean
MUS 337 Music and Film Sound
MUS 342 American Music
MUS 342 Music and Gender
MUS 342 Popular Music in South Africa
MUS 342 Musics of India
MUS 376G History and Future of the Symphony Orchestra

For information on more music classes available to non-majors, please go to the online UT Catalog. It will tell you which classes are restricted. Non-majors, with permission of the instructor, can even take some classes that are restricted to music majors. For questions about non-major classes and the process for receiving approval, please visit the Non-Music Majors webpage. If you still have questions, please call our music student office at 512/471-0508.

Music Minor (printer-friendly)
Print this form so you can discuss your Music Minor options with your advisor in your own college. You do not need to visit the Music Student Office unless you wish to register for courses that are restricted to Music Majors and have already received permission from the instructor. The process for approval is described on the Non-Music Majors webpage.