Butler School of Music
Musicology and Ethnomusicology

The Musicology/Ethnomusicology Division is unusual in American academia for its integration of musicology and ethnomusicology, history and ethnography; we encourage our students to challenge the shifting boundaries between Western "art" repertories, non-Western traditions, and popular music. Students receive solid training in a variety of historical / historiographical, analytical, cultural, and ethnographic issues before specializing in a historical period, geographical area, or a combination of these and other fields.

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Degree Plans

MM Ethnomusicology
MM Musicology
PhD Ethnomusicology
PhD Musicology


Elliott Antokoletz eantokoletz@austin.rr.com Professor of Musicology
JJ Barrera jjb7853@gmail.com Specialist-Conjunto
Charles Carson ccarson@utexas.edu Assistant Professor of Musicology
Zeke Castro musiczc@suddenlink.net Lecturer, Ethnomusicology/Mariachi
Andrew Dell'Antonio dellantonio@austin.utexas.edu University Distinguished Teaching Professor of Musicology
Veit Erlmann erlmann@mail.utexas.edu Professor of Ethnomusicology
Robert Freeman rsfreeman@mail.utexas.edu Professor of Musicology
Joel Guzman jguzman@austin.rr.com Specialist-Conjunto
Robin Moore robin.moore@utexas.edu Professor of Ethnomusicology
Luisa Nardini nardini@utexas.edu Associate Professor of Musicology
Guido Olivieri olivieri@austin.utexas.edu Senior Lecturer in Musicology
Sonia Seeman stseeman@austin.utexas.edu Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology
Stephen Slawek slawek@austin.utexas.edu Professor of Ethnomusicology
Michael Tusa mctusa@austin.utexas.edu Professor of Musicology