Butler School of Music

Selected performances are streamed using the network standard Real Time Streaming Protocol in Apple Quicktime format with the following properties:

QuickTime Format: MPEG4-generic/44100/2 16-bit Stereo at 128 kb/sec.

While the data rate is nominally 128 kbps. It actually varies over a range of about 110 kbps to about 160 kbps.

This delivers content at very close to CD quality. This type of high quality live streaming media requires a stable, high-bandwidth network connection, and a relatively high-performance computing platform. Because of the high data rate, we recommend that you limit the number of applications running on your computer while listening to our web casts

In order to access the streams you need the following capabilities:

  • You must be using either Mac OS, versions 9.2 through 10.5, or Windows, versions Win 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista; Win XP is preferred
  • You need the most current version of Apple QuickTime Player supported by your operating system
  • You may also want the most current version of Apple iTunes supported by your operating system
  • You must have a fast Internet connection, either DSL or a cable service-based connection similar to "Roadrunner"

There may be other media client software capable of decoding and playing Real Time Streaming Protocol. However, we have not tested and do not support other clients.

For those who want more technical knowledge about the Real Time Streaming Protocol, that information is at www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc3550.txt