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Event: Guest Artist Concert: Azerbaijani Ensemble
Date: Monday, March 17, 2014
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Recital Studio, MRH 2.608
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Details: Tradition and Innovation: Two worlds of Azerbaijani music
Organized by Glen Dolfi
UT School of Music events facilitated by Prof. Sonia Seeman

Qarabagh Ensemble
Traditional Azerbaijani mugham ensemble
Agil Suleymanov, Elvin Novruzov, Rustam Muslumov.

Qarabagh Ensemble was formed two years ago by Agil Suleymanov and a group of students at the National Conservatory, a school for the study of Mugham in Azerbaijan. They began their formal education in music as young children and progressed with great practice and study to learn the honored traditional music of their country.
Agil Suleymanov began study at the Bülbül Music School in 2005. Fahruz Sakhavat, the Honorary Artist of Azerbaijan, was his teacher. After finishing the school in 2011, he entered the State Conservatory of Azerbaijan. He is in his third year, his professor is Sakina Ismayilova, the National Artist of Azerbaijan.

Qarabagh Ensemble was selected and video recorded by Vincent Moon in September 2013 in Azerbaijan. Their performance is included in the online album "Sounds of Azerbaijan",
The video is currently being edited.

Elchin Aghayev, Jamal Jabrayilov, Tural Khalilzade

The band "5:59" was formed in October 2011 by Elchin Aghayev. The name means, "One minute to morning..." Their first performance was November 26, 2011 in Baku's Sound Factory Club, performing three original songs. They perform original material and are the first rock band in Azerbaijan to perform in the Azeri language. They have performed throughout the country and were invited to tour with the US band Filligar in the summer of 2013. They currently are scheduled for a weekly appearance on Azerbaijani TV.
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