Jazz Orchestra

Jeff Hellmer John Mills, Guest Conductor

Friday, November 15, 2013 @ 7:30 PM
Bates Recital Hall
UT Jazz Orchestra
Jeff Hellmer, Director

Seth Carper
Andre Galuban
Joey Colarusso
Zack Varner
Marshall Lowry

Jared Broussard
Adrian Ruiz
Joe Jennis
Daniel Garcia

Andrew Nelson
Kevin Jones
Alex Heitlinger
Rolando Velazquez

Gianni Bianchini, Piano
Clay Downham, Guitar
Jeff Olson, Vibes
Daniel Dufour, Drums
Tarik Hassan, Bass
Selections to be chosen from:

Reminiscence by Alex Heppelmann
Dissolution-Disillusion by Alex Heitlinger
Big Number by John Mills
The Night The Blytheman Walked Into The Room, The Room Went Dark and Nothing Else Mattered by Jerry Gibbs/arr. Adrian Ruiz
Isotope by Joe Henderson
Turnpike by J.J. Johnson/arr. Kevin Jones
Tricrotism by Oscar Pettiford/arr. W. Scott Ragsdale
Of Course, But Maybe... by Zack Varner
The Floor Is Lava by Megan Provost
Yours Truly by Andrew Boss

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