Butler School of Music

Butler School Alumni begin Initiatives to Give Back.

Alumni from the Butler School of Music and The University of Texas at Austin have begun a variety of initiatives to support the Butler School of Music in its educational mission.

Kathryn Hutchison (BM 2008) and Rami El-Farrah (MM 2008) chose to commemorate their recent marriage with the establishment of a new endowed scholarship. The Kathryn Hutchison and Rami El-Farrah Endowed Scholarship in Oboe and Saxophone is designated to support outstanding students studying oboe and saxophone. Upon their marriage on June 30, 2010, Hutchison and El-Farrah encouraged friends and family to consider donating to the newly established fund in lieu of wedding gifts. To-date the fund has raised $14,000 toward the $25,000 scholarship.

Students of former UT Professor Ed Brookhart have established the Ed Brookhart Going the Extra Mile Award as a celebration of his generous and caring mentorship toward students during his tenure as the Graduate Advisor at the Butler School of Music. The endowed scholarship fund was jointly initiated by Alumni Hildegard Froehlich, Ardis Cos, Jana Fallin, and Don Hodges. The scholarship will be awarded to teaching fellows who exhibit traits that make a teacher memorable, but may not typically be publicly recognized by large and prestigious universities. The fund has raised close to $7,000 in its first month.

Hispanic Texas Exes from around the state have come together to raise permanent program support for the Butler School's Mexican-American ensembles by establishing a fund to raise a $100,000 endowment for the programs. Former Austin Mayor Gustavo L. Garcia (BBA 1959) worked with Former Texas Senator Gonzalo Barrientos (UT 1962-1965) to establish the fund, which will strive to protect the Mariachi and Conjunto ensembles from being scaled back or cut in the face of continued state-wide budget cuts. Since the establishment of UT Mariachi in 1977, these ensembles have been a valuable way for students to experience history and culture of Mexico and the Southwestern United States. However they currently risk major funding cuts in the wake of continued state revenue shortfalls.

"As UT faces continued budget reductions for the foreseeable future, support like this is crucial to the mission of the Butler School of Music to recruit and train the best students from around Texas the nation, and the world" said B. Glenn Chandler, director of the Butler School of Music. "To see support like this from our alumni, in such diverse initiatives around the school is a testament to the passion our alumni have for education, The Butler School of Music, and The University of Texas."

If you would like to help support any of these Initiatives, or to give to the Butler School of Music annual fund, you can donate online by visiting our giving page.