Butler School of Music

Jacqueline Henninger Guest Lecturer at Tumaini University, Tanzania, July 2011

Dr. Jacqueline Henninger served as a Guest Lecturer at Tumaini University, Makumira University College (MUCo) in Tanzania, East Africa in July 2011. Makumira University College is the only institution in the entire country of Tanzania that offers a Bachelor's Degree in Music. The Department of Music does a wonderful job of providing their students with opportunities to study and perform Western art music as well as the music that is representative of the various ethnic groups within Tanzania.

While on the campus of MUCo, Dr. Henninger provided lectures on multiculturalism in the music classroom and music education research. She also met with individual students who have applied or have expressed a sincere interest in applying for admission into The University of Texas at Austin, Butler School of Music, Master in Music and Human Learning graduate program. Additional time on their campus afforded Dr. Henninger with opportunities to attend their end-of-the-semester concert, participate in additional music education lectures, observe their African ensemble classes, and observe a children's choir rehearsal (Yubilate).

Dr. Henninger is looking forward to collaborating with one of their faculty members on research projects that focus on the teaching and learning of Tanzanian songs and dances arranged by students of MUCo. Multicultural lessons will be taught and analyzed by Tanzanian and American students using culturally relevant ideas and authentic materials.

Dr. Henninger was awarded a Summer Research Fellowship through the Warfield Center for African and African American Studies, which enabled this trip to occur.